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"Please disable AdBlock on our website!"

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Lately, I've seen some websites post this: "Please support us and disable adblock on our webpage!"

Do you really think that the best way to raise money and support your website is by annoying and distracting the users of that website? Do you have no self-respect? Do you not value what your website does?

How does this even come about? I mean, who sits down and thinks "Oh, I wonder how I can generate money for my website. Well, I have a lot of fans ... maybe I should ask them to do something irritating, distracting, and annoying all the time to maybe help me a little bit! Yes, that's it!"

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  1. Cheburash's Avatar
    First of all, the annoyance of the ads varies. If a site is good about ad choices, I'll frequently disable ad-blockers and let them count my eyeballs in the ad pricing negotiations. The ones with the self-opening, constantly moving, flashing ads, though? Not so much. Funnily enough, they're rarely the ones who consider asking politely to be a viable approach.

    But more importantly, there just aren't that many ways to monetize one's site. Merchandising isn't easy, and while cheap, bandwidth still isn't free. If you're running a site big enough to need a dedicated server, should you be expected to cover the costs out of your own pocket? I'm not even talking about the cost of the admins' time, the site presumably being a labour of love and all that. But just recently, I got a message from the admins of a rather large community I'm a part of. "We're short $350 for this month's server fees." That's a tad more than I'd expect anyone to cover just for the love of the community.
  2. DrunkenPirate's Avatar
    I too have been seeing more and more sites employ this message as of late. I will never disable ad block unless it is absolutely necessary and only on sites that I trust.
    If some no-name website tells me to turn off ad block just to fill their pockets then I will leave and get what I need from somewhere else.
  3. KnyghtMare's Avatar
    The thing that gets me are the sites that continue to still show you ads when you are on a monthly subscription. *cough*
  4. Beinseth's Avatar
    While I used to be a supporting member, I understand that ads here at TG are used to support the website and didnt mind the old ads that showed up in the forums are around the edge of the website. But lately the constant ads popping up while I am attempting to navigate the website are getting very annoying. So much so, that I was considering being a supporting member again, but the nuisance of the pop-ups just makes me irritated with the TG webmaster or who ever decided to start this crap.
  5. PM..'s Avatar
    I don't have the same problem as a lot of you, as the ads are localised, and I've only come across 1 in all my time here that opened up a dodgy window.. So maybe access TG through a UK proxy server?

    Seriously, I know these annoying ads are not what the site admins want, and they have been working with the ad providers to clean out the crap to make it better for you. It always helps if you can provide any unwanted ad details to the site admins, so they can get it removed.

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