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New Ribbons!

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Let's congratulate these ribbon recipients and get writing on your own nomination!

Distinguished Squad Leader:
Ironclad [PR] (Class I) - For Distinguished leadership on Al Basrah, Password Night 09/12/10.
Groshak [2142] (Class I) - For overall excellence in effective unit tactics and cohesion.

Distinguished Support:
Ankyle62 [PR] (Class I) - For excellent support, Sunday December 12th, 2010 - Password Night.

Outstanding Volunteer:
Oniell (Class I) - For doing everything, no really.

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  1. Dredge's Avatar
    Congrats all! Except Oniell......his was rigged.
  2. MacLeod's Avatar
    I believe Oniell has been awarded the class I volunteer twice, what a beast! Real men do not bother with class II


    Second, unless of course the apostrophe made all the difference.
  3. Gorhaut's Avatar
    I second Dredges comment
  4. Ribbons's Avatar
    Fixed! Not even Ribbons is infallible.
  5. MacLeod's Avatar
    Fixed! Not even Ribbons is infallible.
  6. Groshak's Avatar
    thanks, and congrats to the others.

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