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Acreo Aeneas

Laugh Away! Hahahaha!

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So something I've been wondering about...

Is my name just difficult for most of you?

I ask since I've noticed trends in spelling my name that are like the following:


Lately it seems "Acrea" is the favorite. Yes I know, laugh laugh laugh, it sounds like a girl's name. (gosh they brought this little guy back)

Other wonder: any other members' names you guys have a difficult time with?

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  1. SharinganTH1422's Avatar
    Some people call me shenanigans. It makes me cry sometimes .
  2. Angelo-1621's Avatar
    I changed my name to Angelo when I thought people were having trouble with my other name-- KoiZu.

    Can't really think of any names that I have trouble with. If I have a hard time pronouncing a name, I'll ask the person how to say it, or sometimes just just use a shortened version of his name that is easy to say.

    But I have to say that "Aeneas" is a little tough to say ^^
  3. Angelo-1621's Avatar
    you've never tried PR? Oh you must try it! I play BF2:PR and this is my third week so far. loving every minute of it. The game has a lot of depth-- many things you can do, and the best part is the teamwork and the community we have here at TG.
  4. Dredge's Avatar
    Mine was Drej at first, then Dredg but those got butchered alot. The present spelling seems to work great though
  5. Vouk's Avatar
    All the time... But since Vouk is short it's mainly confusion of how to pronounce the ou...
    A lot of guys pronounce it like 'ow' like in 'how.
    But it's actually like the 'ou' in 'soup'.
  6. Ferris Bueller's Avatar
    You'd be very surprised at how many people screw mine up.

    But no, Acreo, your name isnt hard.
  7. westyfield's Avatar
    Well, when I first look at the word 'Aeneas' in my head it's pronounced 'anus', and it takes a second reading to see the 'e' after the 'n'.

    Someone called me Wesley once. I spill my drink.
  8. HiTest's Avatar
    Way to many vowels... My head wants to explode/
  9. MacLeod's Avatar
    90% of the people here call me "Mac" or pronounce my name like "Mack-leod" when it's really pronounced like McCloud. I have gotten used to it though so I don't really care.
  10. Harlequin's Avatar
    Nevermind, someone beat me to the anus joke.

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