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[TG-UN] Managing Fireteams (Video)

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A brief demonstration of the use of fireteam management within TG United Nations:

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  1. Crawlingeye's Avatar
    Great video!

    The maps in BC2 are much smaller than i'm used to, but weren't the fire teams spread out a bit much at times? (It seemed to work though)

    Also it was kind of hard to hear sometimes if you were talking to the audience or the squad. Maybe some sort of indicator in the future?
  2. Angelo-1621's Avatar
    enjoyed these videos as well. hope to see more like them in the future!
  3. E-Male's Avatar
    Yes, I did have the fireteams spread out -- far from ideal, but sort of like having an advance spotting group that provides a layer of defence. In defence it often works well -- in attack mode I would not likely have fireteams out of sight of each other.

    Will ensure the voice issue is clear next video. THANKS!

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