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Analyzing DB's Squad Leader COMMS

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LOL time! Another entry from my PR log and this one is HILARIOUS! I totally forgot I did this. So as I was gearing up to squad lead for the first time and being insanely nervous I thought it would be good to look at DB's videos and see what he says to his squad. Kinda interesting. Anything with a ... after it is DB's quote.


Watching DB's videos. Thought I would analyze his COMMs:

Beruit-- "APC south...APC down...OK, we can move... (sets move marker)...move up. (fires at attack marker full auto, just to suppress). we'll revive, hold on... come on squad, on me... suppresses. go first, go... he's going east...sets attack marker, suppresses with auto. there by the tires!...contact, down SE, watch it, watch it... get out of the open, get inside the building...watch it, you're getting shot from the south...stay low stay low... contact NE..."

Silent Eagle-- "placed move marker. squad 4 is taking east side of city... brdm spotted. placed marker. saw gunner, medic, and ____ stay on this position... There's more by our old position...got one...more by this door over here...setup machine gunner here... they're coming south guys, cover south... SAW gunner NW alright."

Qwai River-- "whoa full squad...sets marker. set up here, there's a full squad coming our way... set up on this hill here... there they are, here! sets marker. left! sets marker. *DB watching for flank while squad attacks front. alright let's go guys... get the AT ready... Savage, stick to the right side near the road... get Mongol some ammo... Hyper come here, there's an ammo bag here... we gotta keep moving... go go go, to the ditch... hold sprint, we're safe here... sniper shooting them. stay on the low ground guys..."

Beruit-- "guy on the roof, he grenaded, he grenaded!... get on that roof and distract him... shoots at roof. puts marker. go this way go this way, go around... APC is coming, NE of us. They're on the bottom floor of that building, we're going to go around."

Muttrah-- "marker. suppressing. Atlanta go... I'm suppressing, you go kill the guy... they're gonna grenade...fall back fall back... *when enemy is advancing on DB, he shoots A LOT, auto sometimes* contact right... fires. black vision... dead. we're gonna fall back, keep covering Spriggan... on me guys, let's go... contacts across the street in front of us... fires. one down... contacts to NE... we'll stay here until we can neutralize... they're inside...are they on the roof?... they're on the roof on the other side of the mosque... travis and cole go on the front door...

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  1. fuzzhead's Avatar
    nice analysis

    keep in mind dbzao sometimes plays when hes really tired and gets prety sloppy :P

    glad you are starting squad leading Angelo!! dont be nervous I think youll do well. Take it slow at first and dont be worried if you dont do well, it happens to the best of us just sometimes bad circumstance or enemy are well organized.
  2. Angelo-1621's Avatar
    Thanks Fuzz, appreciate the comments and encouragement. Squad Leading is pretty challenging and can be intimidating but it slowly gets a little easier each time. I just try to learn as much as I can from my rounds and try to do better next time. And yep, I enjoy taking things slow. ^^

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