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more uni work

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so i sat down and did some more stuff to my project with ducky,

thanks to everyone who posted some feedback it was much appreciated

anyway here is version 2 for some more critiques!

(this time saved as a png!)

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Student Lefe


  1. Celestial1's Avatar
    Very nice.

    Like the rotation on the bottom duckies. Text also seems to fit in better.

    One issue that I can see is that your spacing is inconsistent; the "Bob's Rubber Ducky..." text is squished down against the bottom duckies, leaving white-space above it and cramping the bottom too much.
    Also, it's strange how there is both the huge ducky and the small ducky being the same color... I'd say either change the small duck to another color or remove it entirely and space out the bottom ducks.

    The WOW! sticker fits well, though it could use just a little breathing room away from ducky (just a little).

    Nice improvements, though!
  2. browna3's Avatar
    totally forgot to change the colour of the one duck! and i noticed the spacing as soon as i uploaded it.

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