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Bin Laden & Counter Culture Avatars

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Post deleted by author.

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Updated 05-18-2011 at 04:11 PM by E-Male

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  1. Jester617's Avatar
    the Nike symbol bothers me more than anything else but when you think about it it was the combo of corporations, the government, and the military industrial complex, That gave us bin laden, 10 year the war on terror, the TSA , Department of Homelands Security , the controlled fear mongering media, and gimmick politicians .

    stick to you guns keep your icon
    google WTC 7
  2. Jacezz's Avatar
    In my opinion it's mostly because Che's image ceased to have much power in the west long ago, plus as far as I know he wasn't directly involved in any arocities that would have affected America / allies too harshly, where as Osama is still a very touchy subject, similarly if it was Stalin in your pic I'm pretty sure very few people would bat an eyelash.

    Plus Che, to some was seen as a great man, the idea is that he is someone to look up to, having Osama take his place in your avatar is possibly holding the same connotation, hence the understandable offense.

    I'm personally not bothered, however I can see how people could find this offensive - particularly those who link the man's face to friends or family who've either died trying to find him or as a result of a terror attack he had some hand in.

    All of the above, of course, my opinion. I'd agree with the movement that says the avatar is probably too political in nature and too likely to offend to remain in place, given that TG is primarily a PG-13 gaming community, and not established as a means to support debate / expression and such of the subject matter.

    Have seen a couple of avatars I've double glanced at myself though before and thought 'Thats allowed?' but meh ;p I'm probably one of the hardest people to offend here, so doesn't bother me much.
  3. Mindkill's Avatar
    I am much like Jacezz in that I am very hard to offend. But, you have managed to offend me E-Male. Not in your choice of an avatar but, in your choice to deny the requests to change your avatar by those community members that are offended. This is a community that is based on mutual respect and maturity and, in my opinion, you are showing neither. Especially considering this blog post and your resorting to the lame and childish argument of "Well, there are other potentially offensive avatars out there...".

    Instead of using Tactical Gamer as some sort of test bed for your social experiments or as a venue to practice your freedom of speech/expression, why don't you get with the program, start acting maturely and respecting your fellow community members?
  4. E-Male's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mindkill
    I . . . why don't you get with the program, start acting maturely and respecting your fellow community members?
    And insulting others is part of this maturity and respect to which you refer?
  5. Mindkill's Avatar
    Insulting? Me asking you to abide by the principles upon which Tactical Gamer was founded is insulting?

    By the way, thank you for removing the controversial avatar.
  6. E-Male's Avatar
    "lame and childish argument" -- hardly polite discourse, MindKill.

    Gotta give respect to get it.

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