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Just a THANK YOU. Yes YOU!

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Well maybe not YOU as in the reader specifically in most cases, but a thank you to the general community here at Tactical Gamer.

I just wanted to say thank you for everyone here at TG who have showed me kindness and given me a drive to lead and learn. Ever since I joined this community I have been shown countless acts of kindness and seen so many people willing to assist and teach people the way of TG.

While here at TG my conceptual knowledge of leadership has grown significantly due to the situations I have been put into within the games and specific communities within TG. That translates over to my real life, giving me the urgency to get ahead in life despite the difficulties I have been running into as of late. It also has driven me to become more active within this community, which will hopefully get me to love it even more!

Our adminstration team here at TG is probably one of the greatest I have ever seen. Due to all the work lately he's been doing, I have to give specific thanks to Apophis, thank you for everything you've been doing! I also have to address the guys in my IHS specifically for being like a second family at times. You guys are great.

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  1. E-Male's Avatar
    Tactical Gamer is certainly a unique gaming community. As you have discovered, people join TG and learn, grow, change, and thrive.

    Virtual communities are real communities, real people dealing with real life issues, making real friends, and gaining very real experiences.

    Apophis and his administration team have defied the odds and managed to create a long-term online community that engenders a very deep emotional connection within and between its participants.

    Welcome to TG ZephyrDark.

    It is your community.
  2. Ytman's Avatar
    Thank you too! Glad to hear that this community has helped you out a lot. Maybe if you ever come back to PR we can catche up. Either way I'll definately be moving on to Arma II and then maybe you can teach me somethings!
  3. Delta*RandyShugart*'s Avatar
    nice ROTC buzz cut.
  4. ZephyrDark's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Delta*RandyShugart*
    nice ROTC buzz cut.
    Haha, thanks :P My stepfather being no longer active Marine knows his way around with clippers, haha.

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