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On Reality TV

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This video is based on reality -- the real kind.

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  1. HiTest's Avatar
    Why did you feel that you needed to add "not that there is anything wrong with that" after "I dont want a gay guy telling me what to wear".

    You didnt follow up "I didnt marry a bridezilla" with "not that there is anything wrong with that".

    Just curious
  2. E-Male's Avatar
    In this context, it is a pop culture cliché.
    Updated 07-22-2011 at 12:15 AM by E-Male
  3. HiTest's Avatar
    ah, ok, if you say so.
  4. E-Male's Avatar
    Well, not that I say so but that pop culture says so. Watch Seinfeld at all?

    See the 9 million references to the phrase on Google.

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