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The Ridiculousness That Is My Logitech MX 1000 Laser Mouse

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So, I have a Logitech MX 1000 cordless laser mouse. It's not the most modern, but I like it. It feels good in my hand, the battery lasts FOREVER and still recharges properly, all the buttons work, and has great range. I have no reason to buy a new mouse.

When I first bought it, I was running Windows XP. If I plugged the wireless base/charger into a USB port, the mouse would behave erratically. It would take on a mind of its own and start jumping across the screen. It had a particular fondness of the far right hand side, about 2/3's of the way up the screen. I tried driver updates, re-installs, other generic drivers, and more swearing than actual speaking. I ended up trying it in a PS/2 port using an adapter and all the problems went away. So from that point on, in all my system rebuilds, I've always used the PS/2 port on the motherboard with a USB adapter for the mouse.

I just did my system rebuild and everything has been going great on a technical level. I have some physical issues I need to finish, but from a tech side; it's done.

In this new system I have no more PS/2 ports, so I don't have anything to plug the adapter in to. I figured I would try it using USB again. We're talking about YEARS of use, four different operating systems with about 6 different generations of rebuilds. Whatever bugs the thing had back in those XP days must be fixed by now.

Surely not. With the new hardware the same problem exists as it did on day 1. I've gone through all the support forums again and tried all the solutions. The Logitech supplied driver is just a mess and just enrages the demon. With the Logitech crap installed, the mouse now seems to forget at times that it can move on both the x AND y axis. I'll my moving my mouse up and it will just suddenly stop and REFUSE to move up any more unless I move it a good distance to the side first. Picking it up and slamming it on the desk also seems to work. It's odd that a driver update would enable such violent troubleshooting interfaces, but it's allowing me to reach that top menu at least!.

I started writing this to post a simple photo showing what I went through to get this thing hooked up and solve the problem. I found it relatively amusing and thought I would share. Unfortunately, the solution SEEMED to resolve the problem but then during the course of cutting & pasting URLs for the links, the old demon-possessed mouse reared it's crazed head. So, before I continue, let me at least share that picture.

I had a couple of those USB to PS/2 KM adapters from years ago that were still new in their packaging. I also had my other trusty green PS/2 to USB adapter. So I went from USB on the motherboard, to PS/2, back to USB to the mouse. Surely, this would do the trick and satisfy the demon.

I need a new mouse.

Logitech has failed me. It's not the first time either.

Now that I think about it, just about EVERYTHING I own from Logitech suffers from some sort of flaw like this. My new Logitech G930 Headset is fantastic. Wireless, great sound. But it gets really picky about me turning the thing on and off sometimes. It just has a mind of it's own and is going to do what it wants. The power button is little more than a suggestion at this point. It's not physically broken, or pushed in. Mechanically, it sounds great. It just doesn't WORK.

I also have the Logitech Revue. I really like Google TV. I think most of the reviews of the product are complete BS and I don't honestly believe the "reviewers" ever really even used the product other than giving it a cursory look. And then there are countless numbers of people who are just parroting what they read on other sites with ZERO experience. Google TV is a fantastic product for so many reasons. The "...but I can just..." arguments that say it's just as easy to use a laptop, build an HTPC, use an iPad, or any other number of combinations don't convince me. I have all of those devices, but the thing is; you don't NEED to use anything else. Once you adjust how you think about finding and watching content, the thing is just amazing. The networks are loosing a MASSIVE revenue opportunity with this thing because they are blocking it rather than monetizing it. So much potential.

So. I like Google TV, but the Logitech Revue has it's demon moments too. The media player app they include on the device as bloatware doesn't work for crap. It's been in "beta" since the day the Revue was released and they haven't done a damn thing with it. I don't care what format I transcode or recode a file into, it simply doesn't work.

I think I'm done with Logitech. Unless they GIVE me a product that works properly, make a PROMISE to work to support their products better and THEN let me pay them, I'm not going to send another dime of my money to that company.

I need a new mouse manufacturer.

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Updated 08-11-2011 at 07:17 PM by Apophis



  1. Warlab's Avatar
    My G930 power button seems to work poorly when the charging cable is plugged in, but when its running on battery it works great. Go figure. My G7 mouse, is the best mouse I've ever owned. However, I bought it once and had it replaced under warranty two times. The 3rd one has lasted the longest. Just sharing my experiences with Logi.
  2. Apophis's Avatar
    That's just the thing. There's always something with them. I have another mouse that's much newer than the MX 1000, also a Logitech, that's sitting on the shelf because the battery won't charge any more. I bought it to upgrade to the MX 1000 and it only lasted about six months.
  3. TheLancerMancer's Avatar
    Another personal experience, I've had a Logitech M510 wireless laser mouse for a year now, which I use mostly when on the go or just not at my desk. Wonderful piece of equipment that does exactly what it is supposed to. The software that comes with it is another matter. Being a dutiful tech-head, I installed the latest version of the unify keyboard/mouse config program. Worked fine, but caused the side buttons of the mouse to not be recognized by Ventrilo/Teamspeak/anything as unique entities, forcing me to bind an existing key to each. I use mouse 4 and mouse 5 as my in game and out of game voip buttons respectively, so this had me a bit miffed. Of course I just uninstalled the drivers and ran the stock driver from the unify receiver, and it works fine. I'd recommend it if you need a new mouse, but its a bit on the smaller side.

    If you want a really good mouse, you may have to go with wired but check out the Saitek RAT 7. A lot of guys in the CoD division bought that and they love it. I personally have a thing for Razer, and very much like the Imperator I have. Just a couple ideas.
  4. Apophis's Avatar
    Wireless is a must for me. When I bought both of my Logitech wireless mice they were the top of the line wireless models at the time, but going back to wired isn't something I really want to do.
  5. Apophis's Avatar
    It's got me wondering if the new axis-challenged version of the MX 1000 I seem to have inherited would be the PS/2 fixed version of the MX 1000 I've used for so many years if I removed the Logitech software. I'm going to try that combination next. Crazy adapter foo and no driver combination 17C-A.
  6. E-Male's Avatar
    I saw an old book on a friend's bookshelf with a title something like 'Why Everything Does Not Work' -- it was a 30 year old critique of manufacturing and design in consumer culture . . .

    I have tried a variety of Logitech and MS products over the past two decades, and am not sure which I detest the most.

    Google is off to a great start in product design, but they may yet succumb to the evil they avow to avoid. But if Google+ is 0.0000000000001 percent better than Facebook, I'll pull the plug on my Facebook account.

    Logitech has trouble designing a better mouse. Will Google design a better social network?

    I hope they do, but I doubt they will.
  7. Acreo Aeneas's Avatar
    Other than the LMB double-clicking on my old G7 (and the replacement), I really haven't had any problems with my Logitech products. I own a keyboard and over the years more than a dozen Logitech mice from the old Optical Mouse all the way to my current G700 (which only has one quirk - which might be Windows's fault).

    I know this seems obvious, but have you tried swabbing the lens with a Q-tip Apophis? Maybe some dirt/grime is causing the problem.
  8. Apophis's Avatar
    I actually have a fiber port & polish kit at home that I broke out at one point to do exactly that. Cleaned off the laser and receiver with optic cleaning fluid and lint-free SC port cleaners.

    This problem has existed since the day I took it out of the box and no amount of cleaning has ever been able to resolve it.

    Maybe Logitech just doesn't like me.
  9. Jeepo's Avatar
    I have had a MS Sidewinder X8 wireless mouse and loved it. Worked great, nice button, good fit but bigger than logitech, and a great battery life. After about 18 months of use a button stopped functioning right, so I got a Logitech G700. Epic, like 14 buttons, which I use in ArmA, and I love the thing, but battery life is crap in comparison to the Microsoft. I get a day of high DPI gaming max. Good mouse otherwise however. I considered the R.AT but it did not have a tilting scroll wheel so that was a deal breaker for me.
  10. Grunt 70's Avatar
    I have a logitech mx518...talk about a relic. It's a wired mouse and I bought it to play ARMA because of the extra thumb buttons. Also have a logitech joystick. Both have never let me down...maybe I'm just lucky....I have been looking to GO wireless lately however...
  11. WhiskeySix's Avatar
    My trusty mx518 finally started flaking out. Got the G400 which is just the new version of the 518, and couldn't be happier... thing is awesome and the configuration sw is reallyy nicely done too.

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