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Just Joined Google+

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I also have 150 invitations to join Google+ to give out . . .

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  1. Abel's Avatar
    Is it any good?

    Have an account but for some reason I haven't look into it yet^^
  2. thedogwarrior's Avatar
    I've got multiple invites to give out to, if anyone is interested.
  3. E-Male's Avatar
    Too early to judge Google+, but I remain disappointed with the me-too Facebook-style of design, the lack of blogging features (info management in Facebook is a joke, and so also appears to be the case with Google).

    The ONLY advantage I see coming down stream is the integration of other Google apps, like Picasa, but this may not be that compelling. For example, I need to upload videos to Google+ -- this is just plain stupid -- I should be able to simple organize all my YouTube videos in a nice manner in Google+, but no, somehow this is overlooked.

    Why is there no blogging-like features -- still limited to Facebook style posts but no way to easily use Google+ to organize and manage large documents.

    so sad . . .
  4. E-Male's Avatar
    And this is the best they can do for a URL . . .


    Honey Badger says that is just nasty.

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