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Star Trek Barbie: Almost Completed

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I spent two days putting 60 lights in the warp nacelles but just as I finished a short or something else occurred and the lights failed. On two other separate circuits, the lights in the primary and secondary hull remain working.

Going to do another build of the 33 inch model, this time using cathode tubes to light the nacelles.

It is pity that the nacelles' electronics failed, as the lighting effect was fantastic.

Later on this week I'll start painting the model.

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  1. peardog's Avatar
    Ok..you are not going to give up on the lighting are you.. That is turning out to be great.. Is that kit?
  2. E-Male's Avatar
    The model is Polar Lights.

    All the lighting is my my own work, not from a kit.

    Short of buying a new kit and using just the new nacelles to repair the broken ones, I cannot fix the nacelles. The lights are impossible to remove once in place.

    That would be a $110 fix, so I'll just start over -- learned lots so my next build will be better.
  3. Ytman's Avatar
    Looks amazing. Props to you!

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