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Leave SpongeBob Alone!

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In this latest episode of Pooched in the Dome, we implore psychologists to leave SpongeBob Squarepants alone.

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  1. redneck_fgf's Avatar
    Having a six year old, and seeing his actions after watching an episode of Sponge Bob mind warp, you are SO FAR off base….Do you let your kids watch Sponge Bob? Every parent I speak with tells me of behavior changes their child has after watching that cartoon. So if you have no young children, this is a topic you should leave alone.
  2. E-Male's Avatar
    psst. this is humour.
  3. redneck_fgf's Avatar
  4. redneck_fgf's Avatar
    Some times I just don't know how to take you..........
  5. E-Male's Avatar
    Indeed, I am a bit 'all over the map' sometimes. In my classes at the University of Ottawa I often warn students that TV has a detrimental impact upon infants and young children.

    The lid, the lid, the lid . . .
  6. BeSiege82's Avatar
    strange... but, that is your humorous point... I think anyways...

    by the way, nice to see you are continuing the use of videos...
  7. BeSiege82's Avatar
    This thing just multiposted... sorry... using a touch pad and multiple post happened
  8. E-Male's Avatar
    My point is to be humorous!

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