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Training Videos and Production Styles

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Of late I have been working on developing a characteristic and consistent style of videography around the theme of training (online military FPS games).

The necessary elements of the style, incorporated into each video, is a consistent look and feel executed through repeated design and branding elements.

Each video is linked at the beginning and at the end to the TG community though the branding video clips made by TG members. They are also linked to the 1stMIP IHS, to my in-game Avatar, [TG] E-Male, and to my professional RL identity, Dr. Strangelove. This cross promotion and branding mimics the features of broadcast video productions.

Greater use of video-in-video gives the production more variety than just endless in-game footage and puts a 'real life' face to the whole affair.

Here is the latest example. Comments are always welcome!

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Updated 10-18-2011 at 04:01 PM by E-Male

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  1. DeF's Avatar
    Looks great! Really liking the picture-in-picture for narration. If you ever need more in-game video or a training dummy (not too dumb), let me know. Thanks for your hard work.
  2. Fignut's Avatar
    loved it. These videos remind me of the old days(well back to bf2/2142) of TGU. Keep 'em coming, information is ammunition..can never have too much

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