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Johnny D

Hello, friends.

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I was recently banned for asking a few questions regarding the rules regarding the server.

My first question was if I could be banned if my character said things such as:

"****, I'm getting my **** pushed in here."
"I'm getting ****ed up the ass over here!"

Also, I asked if it is okay for me to equip the "Peekaboo, **** You" dog tag.

I'm just quite sure how to differentiate between what is okay between the visual and audio of the game. If any clarification can be added, please let me know.

Thank you,

John Davis
E5, Ret, US Army

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  1. Dredge's Avatar
    Please read the TG rules and primer. Just because your character can swear doesn't mean you can. This is also not the venue to voice concerns. You should post in the BF3 contact an admin section.

    Also, offensive names, tags, markings of any kind; are generally frowned upon. However you will not be banned for things your character says in game. As those are game "features". Typing them repeatedly in chat is a no no though.

    Hope that helps.

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