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Why hello everyone!

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Wow! Isn't this blog thing fancy. Why when I came into existence I had to walk up hill, both ways, to award and receive nominations. Now I just sit here and those nominations land on my desk. I kinda miss the cardio...

Errr umm anyway, my posting here actually has a purpose. I was always the shy kid though...

Really TG, can you say that you don't see exemplary things everyday? Yeah I'm talking to you! At the desk getting ready to log on to TS and have some teamwork. Ribbons is an excellent way to recognize your TG brethren and sistren? Just jot down something awesome on a nearby sticky note, continue gaming, then submit that nomination. It's that simple!

Let no bad deed go unpunished, but let no good deed go unrecognized!

Send in those nom-nom-inations!

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  1. NorthPlum's Avatar
    Sent in my first 2 nominations yesterday, I thought they were well deserved.

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