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Moar Mass Effect 2!

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If you read my previous blog post, or are friends with me on Steam or Xfire, you may be aware that I quite like playing Mass Effect/ME2. I think they're quite good. 147 hours good, to be precise. At least. I finished Mass Effect 2 for the second time today (I've played them both through twice now), and I'm aware that Bad Company 2 is out and quite popular at TG. That's great, I'm really happy for you, BC2. Except, you're not a Mass Effect game, and you don't star Commander Shepard (who I think I fancy just a bit (sshhhh, it's a secret!)), so I'm gonna have to try really hard not to start playing Mass Effect 2 again between now and the time I'll be able to buy BC2 (tomorrow afternoon).
if I'm not playing Bad Company 2 by Tuesday, send help! You can blame/thank Bioware for this...

/nonsensical rant.

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  1. Gill's Avatar
    That's the only female Cmdr. Shepard I've seen that actually looks like an "Alliance Special Forces officer". Well done.

    For what it's worth, I just went with the default Shepard, based on that Dutch model Van Der Loo or whatever his name is.
  2. FLIPmode's Avatar
    My Mass Effect 2 copy should be on its way up from the States (courtesy of parents ) Can't wait to play it! Although I am debating whether or not to even bother playing as my default Sheppard from ME1 carryover because well...he is so plain =/
  3. Merula's Avatar
    I'm not going to repeat what I wrote on your previous blog post westy, but yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly.
    Mass Effect 2 is awesome, and it's nice to see that Bioware not only have talented writers, but have talented writers that know how to innovate: ME1 story was very clichéd, but the writers managed to keep it interesting nonetheless; ME2 story is both interesting and has little in the way of clichés.
  4. big-eye101's Avatar
    I know how you feel! Its just a brilliant game. I played it throught twice as well. Luckyly enought by the time I got through it the second time BC2 was just around the corner and now that is occupying me

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