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another rant at life

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so for those of you that don't know, im coming to America in June to work at summer camp. for this i need a j-1 student visa so i can work legally in America, To get this i have to fill out a mahoosive on-line form and go to the us embassy in London for an interview. Thats not the bit that bothers me. the bit that does is that i was scheduled for a 13.30 interview and to day i get an email saying that it has been changed to 08.00 this means my leisurely day trip to London has turned into a nightmare 3.00 am start AND trying to travel in the London underground in one of its 2 busiest times of the day.

oh joy of joys!

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  1. Jeepo's Avatar
    LOL, suck it up, you get to go to the USA. Although the underground is going to BLOW!
  2. browna3's Avatar
  3. DrBeat's Avatar
    Hey, summer camp work is good stuff though!

    Reminds me of my trip to the Chinese embassy in Washington DC to get my visa to visit there. There was a metal detector in the lobby, no one was stationed at it though!
  4. Dredge's Avatar
    Im glad to see Homeland Security is working and keeping you out!
  5. viper1986's Avatar
    Hey brown, I will make sure they have your name on the "list" and you get a warm welcoming here in the US.
  6. Celestial1's Avatar
    Nothing's warmer than an extra security check, Viper?
  7. Bamboo's Avatar
    Browna, where are you going to be working and what kind of camp is it?
  8. browna3's Avatar
    bamboo, im working in Connecticut at camp awosting. its just a typical summer boys summer camp. I'm one of the ropes instructers
  9. AdeptAbyss's Avatar
    ropes instructers? so what u gonna teach kids to tie each other up?
  10. browna3's Avatar
    of course adept, thats what im doing teaching kids to tie themselves up...

    nah actually it climbing tower, low ropes, zip zine and bungee trampoline. also a weekly trip to a real rock face

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