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The Best Video Feedback

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Today I will create and upload my 100th video for the 1stMIP YouTube Channel in the BF3 series.

Sometimes I wonder if the videos effect the way people think about, and play, the game. Here is feedback I received today:

After 47+ hours playing this game, which is a lot for me, and I'd eventually scratch the surface of the depth that this game has. Less than 5 of your videos watched, and it's like you popped the top off of this puppy and showcased just how deep this game really is. Thanks for sharing, and your boy Syker is the sickest f**king pilot ever. To quote my younger cousins, "That dudes a BEAST" or whatever the kids are saying now... you get the idea... anyway.

-- seeser
Seeser comment struck me as quite true -- BF3 is really quite a 'deep' game. I think many people do play it at a very shallow level -- alone, without voice comms, without mature players, and mostly just for points. There is so much more to the game -- teamwork, tactics, strategies, communication, command, and vision.

My vision is that I am not made for the game, but the game is made for me. With the help of my squad mates and the TG Admins (who keep the servers clean and mature) I transform the game into an experience that is outside of the norm of run 'n gun.

I game the game.

My squad becomes my weapon.


The feedback was on this video:

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E-Male Speaks


  1. Grunt 70's Avatar
    Its clear the vids are a lightning rod for both criticism and for praise and to me the deep divide between the two camps is remarkable. For better or for worse your influence there has been very polemic....So yes you've effected how some people think about and play the game. Personally I love them. It's fun to go back and look at our game play from both now and from BF2.
  2. E-Male's Avatar
    I look forward to looking back on these videos in ten years and see them as a historical record of the development of teamplay in virtual gaming.

    And yes, it is surprising how they act as a lightning rod for hatred. This requires cultural analysis . . .

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