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You ever have one of those moments??....

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You ever have one of those moments in the game that at the time is so hyper and charged that your not just at the edge of your seat but your stomping on it. How is it that sometimes those moments of frustration & intensity become some of your favorite moments from a game?

My case in point:

Last Tuesday on the Tactical Tuesday mission of SML I was a FTL under the command of Colin as SL. My FT had the lead Humvee in the convoy enroute from our position up north to the new objective placed in the SW corner of Fallujah. Our orders were that if under contact we were to push through it. Well we had contact & it was at our 12 and I'm pretty sure someone called out RPG. I calmly said, "Roll through". The driver says, "Should I turn around?". I say, "No, don't turn around." Someone else says, "He said turn around", and the driver turns around.

Oh don't you worry about it, that's just the start. Now the 3rd vehicle in the convoy is on the radio asking what is going on. Then asking command for what they should do but it's not getting through because command is on the radio now trying to find out what is going on. My SL is now in our right ear on the 343 telling us to get back in formation, and as I deal with that there is nothing but chaos on the long range ch1. I get my vehicle turned around in time to see the rest of the convoy is beginning to turn around & command is on the long range now telling everyone to complete the turn and head east. However, now I'm telling my driver to turn around again and there are vehicles all over the road and a divider in the way as well. The radio is calming down as the CO is getting a handle on everyone and getting everyone to forget about a debrief until we are safe, but the direct talk in my vehicle is now at a ramped up pitch. The driver is understandably white knuckled and at first thought I'm so dismayed.

But a funny thing happens. 2 days later, I can't get the memory out of my head. I'm playing another game, yearning for that moment where each millisecond and each team member gets wound up in a situation that only training & drills will help you find a way out of. I don't want training & drills but those moments are exactly what keep me coming back for more & striving to play better next time.

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  1. SARGE's Avatar
    I remember being a SL 2 weeks ago under Jax's command, and was sent out with 4 squad members to be a diversion for the satchel team and my squad mates spent most of the time (Raptor mostly) constantly reviving me. I would be revived and shot again, revived and shot again. Now Raptor and the others did pull me out of the line of fire each time, but the enemy had me in their sights each time. Now none of the other squad mates were hit at all, just me. Well, at least they had plenty of reviving drills.
  2. Dawks's Avatar
    Great post Unkl, and yes ... for sure.
    A funny sort of connection between tension/frustration and tension/excitement. I keep coming back to the game for what you're describing here .. in particular when it involves a small handful of guys pulling together and pulling it out of the fire.

    I think what makes it click if it's just, I dunno, fog of war ... a tough mission ... AI moving as though intelligent ... the challenge of having everything come together.
    In contrast: when snags in the mission or poorly thought out activity cause problems with loadout, or someone's just won't listen or just won't think and then things go sideways. That's just heat caused by friction, and I'm sure none of us need any more of that!

    I'm not dissing mission-makers' work, not at all, but even in a large / elaborate / sophisticated mission what makes it all worthwhile is those 20 minutes or so where things come together in the squad or fire-team.

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