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30,200 Words

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Completed so far on the new book. 49,800 to go!

Contract arrived from the University of Toronto Press the other day.

Trying to complete the manuscript by September, ahead of schedule.

Here is a sentence (rather long one) from the draft:

"Television piracy is widespread, normative behaviour among the young, pervasive in many foreign markets, thus far beyond legal or technological remedies, and likely to grow with the inevitable deployment of faster Internet connections and the ongoing adoption of broadband among households."


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  1. SARGE's Avatar
    It is a shame from my perspective, as I was brought up not to steal, yet many today, sadly, seeit, want it, and put all energies toward acquiring a thing the wrong way and lose a more valuable part of themselves each time and then it becomes a law unto them.

    By the way E-MALE, congratulations on hitting this mark.
  2. E-Male's Avatar
    Thanks Sarge.

    The notion that there is a moral equivalency here and that all pirating is theft is highly disputed by many scholars.
  3. SARGE's Avatar
    If you take something that is not yours or not acquired by purchace, trade, or barter than it is stealing. Oh, let's not forget the one's who find it on the ground, or somehow on their computers.
  4. E-Male's Avatar
    You are overlooking how theft is defined by the legal code, and drawing a false equivalence between material and immaterial goods.

    As I said, these issues are debated in the academic and legal scholarship where it is not so cut and dried as you suppose.
  5. SARGE's Avatar
    I see your point, thanks E-MALE
  6. Grunt 70's Avatar
    "Television piracy is widespread normative behaviour among the young. It is pervasive in many foreign markets and thus far beyond legal or technological remedies. It is likely to grow with the inevitable deployment of faster Internet connections and the ongoing adoption of broadband among households."

    Fixed that sentence for you. Too many commas for me but I'll let you fight with your editor over it. I realize you are writing for an academic audience but readability is a universal issue, no? ( And I do get you are only in draft stage...I'm half messing with ya :-)

    Ii did tell you I was writing the next great American novel ala Wallace Stevens.

    No but seriously...how apt is it that Sarge, an older dude, makes the distinction he does. That totally supports your point about how different generations judge media piracy.
  7. Grunt 70's Avatar
    Oh...and of course. Congrats... Proud of your effort and glad you are making it as a published academic author. We can say we knew you before you rose to stardom.
  8. Grunt 70's Avatar
    Seriously though...on the mechanics...I know you know your quota now but how does it work in your mind at this stage...Do you know you have enough to say to meet the word quota or do you worry about running out of stuff to write before you hit the mark. Is this something you evaluate continually or just when you are formulating the idea for the book or just when you sign the contract? Curious to know.
  9. E-Male's Avatar
    Thanks Grunt -- I'll include you in the acknowledgements!

    I go to bed each night with the current chapter and read/edit. By the time the text gets to the copy editor I will have spent hundreds of hours editing it. I am constantly splitting long sentences into smaller ones (as you did above) and editing out as much academic and industry jargon as I can.

    My first academic book (Empire of Mind) was hard to read (but oddly enough, got me nominated for one of Canada's highest literary awards). My second was much easier, and I hope that this one will be even more accessible. I have to tread a fine line, as I am writing for Canada's oldest and largest academic press, so they like things academic-y.

    There is always more to say than space available (the contract is for 688,000 characters, including spaces -- you can see why I am gaming less these days . . .).

    Writing is not so much about what to say as it is about what you decide NOT to say.

    So far I have had another great week -- over 4,000 words. Shooting for 3,000 words a week. If I could write full time I could easily double that. But I can only write as fast as I can research and think. There is a lot of reading yet to do (and I have been studying the subject for a few years now . . .).

    I have been puzzling over this clause: "deployment of faster Internet connections and the ongoing adoption of broadband among households."

    I think it is a bit redundant.
  10. emirilyasov's Avatar
    some people make piracy equal to stealing something, technically it is stealing of some sort, BUT does it harm anyone? NO, its not like u r stealing something physical, like a car, a TV or even food. this all is a content and the TV companies make a ton of money out of people who view it, it is so much that u cant even count it and nobody will tell u how much they really make. TV 's purpose is to make us zombies, feed us with false information about terrorism big bad russians , big bad iranians or big bad black guys that might or might not shoot or rob u in the street... TV puts all that **** along with good movies and show we enjoy watching. well i dont wanna open this subject too much, but my point is - they need us to watch it more than we need to watch the content they provide. those companies will never loose their billions if people will pirate their content (i prefer "share" instead of "pirate"). i have not bought a single DVD in my life, i have bought only 1 CD of audio (though im a DJ), and out of dosens of games i played i bought only BF3, BFBC2, world in conflict, and total war - shogun 2, because those one are the best and stick out from the mass of rubbish content/games. im not against paying for good stuff , but paying for all the content, thats too much of unnecessary spendings u know what i'd rather feed a homeless guy that buy and DVD, think about it...
  11. Grunt 70's Avatar
    looking back...I should be less presumptive on judging or fixing others syntax and grammar. I just can't help it sometimes I guess but always intended as helpful suggestion vs criticism, as I'm sure you know.

    It's funny how the source of the content affects how you view the issue. Corporate sources like network TV seems to equal a sort of tacit agreement that it's okay to steal the content. How different would someone view it if the source was say music from Rounder Records, or other independent labels. (Actually I think Rounder has been bought by a big label now but you get my point. It's okay to hurt a corporation but not an individual.
  12. Volchok_Son's Avatar
    Emirilyasov I am one of those middle aged folks out there and I am sorry I can understand your ideals but at the end of the day your first line said it all "some people make piracy equal to stealing something, technically it is stealing of some sort" it is not so much of it not hurting anyone it becomes a Moral issue at that point. A good example of this would be that say a young man at a store droped his bill fold there is no ID just a money clip, you are the only one who notices this. Do you in your moral judgement A: retireve the bill fold and chase down the young man to return it. or B: play the "finders keepers card". This is the point where I teach my kids stealing is stealing does not matter if you get caught or not. I hear this statement alot from the youth of today "it aint stealing if you dont get caught", and is always said with a giggle. I could go on for hours on this topic alone but I will back down as this is how I was raised and my beliefs are my own. But look at it from say your son or your nephew watching you do this sort of thing.

    just the 2cents from a Country boy

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