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Happy Belated Birthday

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Happy Belated Birthday 18th! Two years ago on the first the IHS was born. It has been a great two years, and we have had many great players take up a bunk in our Barracks.

Here's to two more!

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  1. SARGE's Avatar
    Happy Birthday 18th, I am late with this because nobody woke me up for Cake and Icecream.
  2. Dredge's Avatar
    Well...we never claimed the 18th to be good with timelines...we just like to shoot stuff
  3. PaintScratcher's Avatar
    I'm sure you guys have lost a 9 somewhere a long the lines.

    But seriously, congrats on the 2 years! Great IHS with an even greater roster, all the best for many more years!
  4. LowSpeedHighDrag's Avatar
    Happy Birthday 18th
  5. woof's Avatar
    <Hoists a keg of rum in the 18th's honor>
    Many thanks for making TG ArmA an excellent community.
  6. Jack Bauer's Avatar
    I know that this is belated but happy B day

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