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Spears and Flames and Text Walls, Oh My!

AAR: BF3 Infantry Server 4/19/12

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While I was unable to play, my mind had time to think and wander (as it sometimes does) and I thought briefly of doing some AAR blogs for BF3 or any other titles I pick up. I was mostly inspired to do this after seeing an Arma AAR blog from Athanasa, and from a series a member of the 189th did set in BF2:PR back in 2010-2011 when I first began playing at TG. Now the opportunity is presented to me, so I figure I'll try writing a few of these and see how they go.

Date: 19 April 2012 @ 9:30pm EDT
Server: TG BF3 Infantry Server
Map: Seine Crossing (CQ Small)

Started the round in a squad led by hotshot515 along with UndeadForce and LedZeppster. At the round start, hotshot suggested we try setting up a full squad of MG's in a three story building down the street from A, overlooking the bridge crossing from the US uncap. This building is lovingly known in the 56th as "The Alamo." (If you want the story to it, join us ) I setup with a PKP with Bipod, Large Mag, and the Russian 3.4x scope. Hotshot ran a similar setup on the M240B, Undead ran an RPK74, and Led floated between floors for the most part. We managed to get a substantial amount of bleed from early to mid game by taking out US squads and lone wolves as they tried to run the gauntlet of fire across the bridge. A couple of US went sniper and tried to take us out, but with we managed to target and kill them each time before they could do much (thank you scope glare). Eventually US got the idea to just ignore the bridge and go for the flags to our East and either use the other bridge or just spawn in out of our line of sight. From mid to late game ScratchnSniff and several other US tried to rush the building with shotguns and LMGs, but between claymores on the stairs and liberal spraying through the elevator grille in the stairwell we managed to hold them off each time. RU walked away with a win by a solid margin.

What I could have done better: I should've switched to Assault earlier on, when they first started rushing our Alamo. Eventually I did and setup a G3 with Bipod, 6x scope, and Heavy Barrel to keep my zone covered, while having medkit and defibs to offset any losses from being stormed.

What the squad could have done better: We all fired into the enemy uncap a couple times (sorry ), which was definitely our bad. Hotshot killed fallen in the uncap at the end and got kicked for, with fallen dying right as I warned hotshot that his target was in uncap. I established to not shoot unless an enemy shot first or walked onto the bridge, but it was already mid round by that time.

What the enemy could have done better: Explosives. Honestly, trying to snipe us out just wasn't working. I don't think any of us died to a sniper the entire round. US spent too long beating themselves to death against us rather than adapting and moving on a flank. If the US wanted us out of the building so badly, they should've thrown 40mils and RPGs at us and blown away our cover. Something to remember for the future.

*Aside: What do you all think? Should I do more of these in the future?

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  1. hil3illy's Avatar

    I like reading these. This format with the 3 question's at the end make it better by creating discussion/though about what went on.

    If you keep writing I'll keep reading. Who knows it might even inspire others to share their stories as well.
  2. FYAH29's Avatar
    Yep, it's a good short read. I was part of this round and decided early on that the bridge was a death zone. I moved to the right from the uncap, into and across the water and took both flags on your side of the river. To my knowledge we never removed your squad from the building, and while we did manage a decently even round in terms of bleed and K/D for the second half of the round, the first half of the round decided the outcome, and we lost badly.

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