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54,000 Words

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Passed the half way mark this weekend. Hope to get the first draft of the book completed before vacation in August.

Looking now at television oligopoly, market power, the "foreign policy" of the entertainment industry and how all that might be disintermediated by online viewing habits.

Fascinating article in the New York Times today -- went straight into chapter five.

If all goes well with the peer review process the book should be in the stores before Xmas 2013.

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  1. Finestyle's Avatar
    gratz buddy, another milestone reached!
  2. Volchok_Son's Avatar
    Congrats E-Male your just pounding out the words and reaserch buddy.
  3. Grunt 70's Avatar
    way to go E. Before you know it you'll be submitting the manuscript for final editing.
  4. Abel's Avatar
    I don't understand how you do it? I can't even build a 2000 word essay without losing my mind and jump between subjects like a bunny on crack

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