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Misogyny, Gaming, and Online Culture

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This from the Globe and Mail:

A woman seeking to expose misogyny in video games has suffered a harsh lesson in the extent of Internet viciousness, as a campaign of harassment escalated to a Canadian man creating a game that let people batter an image of her face.

Anita Sarkeesian, who blogs from California but was born near Toronto and identifies as Canadian-American, had her Wikipedia page locked after it was hacked repeatedly with profanity, lies and pornography. A site on which she fundraises received a concerted campaign to shut her down. And her YouTube channel received a flood of vile messages.
It is striking how the Internet reveals the extent of misogyny in a patriarchal society.


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  1. Skud's Avatar
    Before you go white knighting for this lass, remember she got over 150k on kickstarter to make 9+ crappy youtube videos, believes rape is worse than murder (always), and generally is a misandrist in all forms. She sees the world with a filter of MISOGYNY HERE AND MISOGYNY THERE - it's drivel.

    I'm not excusing the horrible behavior of those who are harassing her, but I just hope nobody reads this without any context.
    Updated 07-12-2012 at 05:00 PM by Skud
  2. Skud's Avatar
    I mean, let's shift gears and look at one of her most ridiculous examples:


    "Biological terrorism" in Sci-Fi shows about pregnancies.


    She twists simple things like female pregnancy into OMG THE PATRIARCHY. She made all these stupid accusations with obviously no real knowledge of the shows. For example in X-Files, the EMOTIONAL RAMIFICATION are a central plot element for the entire last half of the series! You wanna know where she's even more wrong? She implies in this video that neither Scully or Mulder cared. Or any of the men. Annnnnd she's wrong.

    Alien/Human hybrids were a huge plot element in The X-Files. People like Anita see it as biological terrorism?!

    In BSG, the cylon hybrid plot arc is something that NEVER GOES AWAY. It was something Starbuck dealt with until the VERY END OF THE SHOW.

    She gives half truths throughout the entire show, covering up the parts that would destroy her narative of "omg the patriarchy"

    She's a boring and unimaginative person who half-asses her research.
  3. E-Male's Avatar
    Regardless of her particular errors, you are fooling yourself if you think that misogyny is not a significant problem or that patriarchy is not an issue.
  4. Skud's Avatar
    I don't disagree the central message, I disagree with her delivery, method, and overall character/pattern. Not the core message.

    EDITED: I don't disagree with the central message.
  5. E-Male's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Skud
    I don't disagree the central message, I disagree with her delivery, method, and overall character/pattern. Not the core message.

    EDITED: I don't disagree with the central message.
    I don't disagree with your don't disagree!

  6. Skud's Avatar
    This guy pretty much tears her down


    In part two he focuses on her video game "work"
  7. SharinganTH1422's Avatar
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18280000 if you're interested.

    Really though, it's just sad people being sad. People say racist things, homophobic things etc. etc. They're just people who have problems and find happiness in being abusive, unfortunately.
  8. general_alvin's Avatar
    I have only seen the one where she talks about LEGO and gender since its close what I work with but I found those two videos well thought out and well researched.


    And she is nice to look at, which I realise is the wrong thing to say but hey, Im only human.
  9. Snipurs's Avatar
    I watched the lego and gender I could already dis agree with her with the color/genetic argument. I could quote a bunch of different study with girls and boys growing. Pink naturally attracts girls, blue on boys. During the whole video she's wearing the SAME colors she dames, why isnt she wearing dark blue? But I don't feel like putting my logic class to use lol, going to be up for atleast 36 hours.
  10. general_alvin's Avatar
    Please quote a bunch of those studies, Snipurs, Id like to read them.

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