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Acreo Aeneas

Another HDD Failing...

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Great, my new build is nearly a week old and to celebrate one of my Western Digital Green drives (1.5 TB) that I use as storage for media and important files is dying. I can't even copy most of the files on the drive over to my SSD to save the data. Jeez, and looking at new drives now is extremely depressing. What I would have paid $60 for a 1.5 TB pre-flood now costs more, around $70 to $90. To make it worse, they've now dropped warranties on most of these drives to 1 year. One year! WTF?! Is the manufacturer confidence in these platter drives that poor now that a measly one year warranty is all they offer? No wonder datacenters replace their drives every 12 months!

Great, this drive is barely 2.5 years old and she's basically dead. I better start backing up my other drive where most of my really important data resides on before it too decides to go kaput. I seriously hope SSDs significantly become cheaper while not getting cheaper (quality and reliability). I can't even rely on platter drives anymore since they've become so poor the past few years.

What ever happened to quality?

No money left to replace it. So I'm going to try and recover and burn (to Blu-Ray) as much of it as I can before the drive completely dies out. Then I'm going to magnetize the drive with some earth magnets or something and then smash the drive to pieces. This makes 4 hard drives that have died in the past 2.5 years. Abysmal, I cry, abysmal!

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  1. MrMojay's Avatar
    I Feel your pain man, I had a seagate drive fail on me years ago due to buggy firmware, fortunately for me when I contacted seagate they collected it off me and managed to fix the drive for free, I now just try and backup to DVD for all my family phots and artwork etc. A DVD will not fail unless it gets smashed or scratched or the house catches on fire (touch wood) so I keep them in a DVD wallet.

    I really want to buy some caviar black drives, but they now cost wayyyy to much and I am still using the drive that got fixed which has been a bit slower since I got it back and I need to replace it, but the cost is really high....oh what to do??
  2. Mech__Warrior's Avatar
    I got a 2 TB hard drive currently in the package and I might be willing to cut you a deal for it. I'm not sure who manufactured it, but I managed to get a three year warranty with all of the computer parts that came with my barebones kit, I'm pretty sure. Do you think that maybe something on your computer is eating up your hard drives?
  3. Ven's Avatar
    Acreo are you running them RAID? I have never had bad luck with WD or Samsung F3 drives. Something is wonky if your tearing platter drives up that bad. I never tried te greens though. I either go with the blue or black drives from WD....longer warranty on them, however I have yet to need it

    *knocks on wood*
  4. BeSiege82's Avatar
    Man, I just lost my xbox 360 HDD and my laptop's 2nd 500 Gb HDD. I don't know, but things feel weird with the market...
  5. Acreo Aeneas's Avatar
    @ Mech,

    Hmm, I'll have to wait on getting anything right now. Don't have any cash with school draining my income. Sorry, if I could afford it, I'd take you up on your offer.

    @ Ven,

    Nope, no RAID. Just single drives. It's fading in and out. One day it's "okay" (still cautionary SMART errors) and the next day it doesn't let me access it. Of the 6 WD drives I've gotten in the last 4 years, this is only the 2nd one to fail. I've got these 2 Greens, 1 Black, 1 Green (external enclosure), and 2 Blues.

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