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Trends in the Gaming Industry

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A great article from the Guardian on the current business model trends is the video gaming industry.
the gaming world has found itself teetering at the edge of a financial cliff. In the first eight months of this year retail sales of video games plummeted 20 percent in the United States. That followed a lackluster performance in 2011, when sales fell 8 percent. An analysis on the Web site Gamasutra this year said it was possible that 2012 would be the worst year for retail video game software and hardware sales since 2005.

Well worth reading.

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  1. BigGaayAl's Avatar
    I didn't find it a great article, because I didn't read anything new really. In my view the gamin industry is similarly handicapped by big money as is the music industry.

    Most publishers have dated methods or plain awful distribution methods e.g.
    -EA's origin
    -various ubisoft sofware fails
    -all of the copy protection software

    Then too they feed us expensive low quality products (all the sequels).

    And then also they focus on 'casual gaming', a passing market; it will die when people realize they don't have to pay for all these games, but can get a free version of the same game or an equivalent knock-off (e.g. angry birds free onchrome, not free I belive for apple)

    All of the things I mentioned are very much counter to the interests of the main customer; the avid gamer. The industry leaders are just a bunch of sad clueless old men thinking of money.

    Other people will get the idea, they will innovate and make products for the market that is there. THey will be the new nintendo after atari. And the Atari's of today will possibly die.

    THe article mentions all the things I discuss, but it fails to notice things have been going this way for years and years. It is not because you can milk guitar hero for a few years, that you are doing well. The sequels and the audience expansion that came with casual games sort of hid how badly gamers were being treated by the companies they paid for.

    I feel the article fails there; because it fails to notice how product quality and product innovation have been going way down for at least 4 years.

    *I just heard EA is selling FIFA 2012 for WII at full price, but all that has been updated is the player roster. Otherwise every single thing is the same.

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