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  • ns_altair_cal is on the server

    Let's get this evaluated. I'd like to replace (in the rotation) ns_altair with ns_altair_cal if we find that agreeable.
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    Re: ns_altair_cal is on the server

    This map is very marine based, if aliens get the top hive they are screwed. Also the bottom two hives are too close together making a lock down fairly easy. This map has a lot of useless rooms that never get used and make finding what way the marines are going confusing. If marines get a PG in the room "annex" its VERY hard to get them out. Also they can basicly move 1 room to each side and siege both the hives from this room.

    ranted my view point is from 1 cal match on this map. Its prob fairly balanced for pub play.




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