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  • console commands from chat

    I put something on the server weeks ago that I forgot to mention.

    Any chat message (say or say_team) that begins with a backtick (`) will be sent to your console and executed as a command on your client.

    Nothing ground-breaking. I just slapped it on the server one day when I needed to issue a bunch of commands and see the results which were displayed in chat (and not in console). It also comes in handy for folks kicking players mid-game, when you don't want to spend any more time doing it than you have to.

    Do be advised that using this for commands you want to keep to yourself (for instance, when I tell my client what the server's RCON password is) is not advisable, as, if you screw up (type '1' instead of '`', for example), everyone on the server is going to see the command you failed to issue to your console.

    Anyway, if it's useful to anyone else, feel free to use it.
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