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I really miss you guys

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  • I really miss you guys

    So I was sleeping all nice and cozy, then my alarm went off. I woke up long enough to hit snooze, then went to bed again. Then the alarm went off again. I woke up, hit snooze, but didn't make it back to sleep by the time the alarm went off again, so I picked up my phone and looked at Facebook, nothing too interesting, looked at Twitter, saw something from @NS2 that almost brought a tear to my eye, it was a heavy owning an Onos. I decided I missed you all and wanted to let you know. We should play again sometime.

    -Pi, or whatever I decide to call myself this incarnation.

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    Re: I really miss you guys

    It's a good time to wander back. It seems like the community is itching to get its game on.
    We're working on the logistics of a server here, but start Steam-befriending folks and follow them into a game or three.
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