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ns2stats: reserved slots & random/balance (aside: BUSY URGH.)

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  • ns2stats: reserved slots & random/balance (aside: BUSY URGH.)

    Katana mentioned tonight that ns2stats can random/balance (am I using the wrong word?) teams based on...... skill level? past win record? something like that? Can someone tell me more about that?

    Also, did I read somewhere that ns2stats has a reserved slot system? Can anyone tell me about that? Specifically, can anyone compare/contract it against alternatives? We're using DAK presently. Are there other options?

    Aside: you'll see more "Wyz asks for help" and less "Wyz figures it out mostly by himself" when it comes to tech for this server. My time is limited enough this time around so as to necessitate crowdsourcing some of my research and link-finding to the community. Thank you for any help, and understand that you might research something that never comes to fruition.
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    Re: ns2stats: reserved slots & random/balance (aside: BUSY URGH.)

    I think he mentioned that it HAD those stats tracked and that it could be used in conjunction with a mod to better balance the random command.


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      Re: ns2stats: reserved slots & random/balance (aside: BUSY URGH.)

      This parts says it all to me
      V0.39 is the lastest version as of this post.

      V0.39 available in workshop. Install instructions available in my servers page and in workshop.
      - Added feature to auto reload map every 30 minutes for mods, reload will only happen if server has no players during the check.
      - Added console command ‘players’, this command will show all players, their steam name, rating and their ranking. Data will later be used for team auto-arrange and player in-game icons.
      - NS2Stats mod will now automatically disable itself partly when it detects that new build has come. This should make it so you don’t have to disable it (as often at least) after new builds. So NS2Stats will get auto re-enabled after we update it.
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