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Donate NS gifts to TG?

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  • Donate NS gifts to TG?

    While I don't have a free copy, I thought it might be a good suggestion for people who have an extra copy they don't need. Could they sell their free copy for something like $15 and that money would go to help fund the server? So donate $x amount to help keep the server going and someone gives you there extra copy if they would like to give their copy away.

    Might be a stupid suggestion, though I think some people have copies they don't need, I am guessing the server could use more funds.

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    Re: Donate NS gifts to TG?

    Apophis doesn't provide (hasn't to my knowledge provided) a mechanism for sending funds to a particular server. Rather, subscriptions (donations) are toward the TG community at large, which funds the servers (and sundry other expenses) per his financial discretion.
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