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these awesome games are comparitively vanilla

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  • these awesome games are comparitively vanilla

    Most of the people filling our server are strangers to us. We don't know their habitual weaknesses yet, or which tactics strike the most fear in us. We don't know most of them well enough to talk trash while we play against them.

    If you think the great games now are great (and I do), wait six months. :) Playing a game with 16 people who have ALL played each other 100 times before is... amazing.
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    Darkilla: In short, NS is pretty much really fast chess. With guns. Apophis: I haven't seen anyone say that SM's are better than non-SMs. Nordbomber: This is THE first server I've seen where either side can comeback from out of seemingly nowhere with the right teamwork. en4rcment: I have NEVER experienced the type of gameplay that I have found here. Nightly I am amazed at the personalities and gaming talent. Zephyr: Apophis is clearly a highly sophisticated self-aware AI construct that runs on a highly modified toaster oven in Wyzcrak's basement.



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