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  • Start Hosting Events?

    If we're into building a TG community in NS2, maybe we should hold some in game events? Challenge other clans/communities to matches, pubs vs TG, Onos and Exosuit only nights, Defend the Base, Hide and seek, and the list goes on. You know, showcase what TG has to offer!

    Putting our names out there is a good way to bring in new members (and SMs, since our server is almost always full anyways). I'd be willing to help put on some of these events if the admin team finds them appropriate.


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    Re: Start Hosting Events?

    Given how much fun we're having every night, and what a recruitment tool that fun is, the stakes are high if we're going to interrupt all of that with an event.

    Captains Night is something of an event, and we'll start having those with regularity now, as kormendi is just getting our captains plugin experience near what it was during NS1. We'll advertise them here. Do you think we should advertise them elsewhere, given how difficult it will be for new folks to get on the server during these events (they'll be very popular with regulars)? Is it disingenuous to externally advertise an event that's going to be very difficult to get into due to "internal" popularity?

    I'd be very interested in talking to anyone who wanted to externally advertise and host educational events during the day, when the server is mostly idle.
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      Re: Start Hosting Events?

      I think if the server has many regular/recognized TG folk it'd be a good time to test out some Captain's games. I think it's a bit premature forcing these events, but if the conditions are right why not try them out. If it starts becoming a regular thing then we can start enforcing it as a regular event. Once we get to that point then we should make a post on TG's front page, encourage AAR to garner interest. Just my 2 cents anyways.

      I look forward to not only captains night or even other possible events (defend the base sounds very intriguing to me personally), however like Wyz stated I think it's a tad bit risky when many people are hopping on the server completely new to the game or looking for just simple NS2 fun. If we can grow our community for having a stable server, an excellent admin team, amiable plugins, and not to mention a friendly but competitive player base, I think that'll pay off more at least initially.




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