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Discussion: Changes to ns2_docking

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  • Discussion: Changes to ns2_docking

    I really love the changes, but my first glance impressions are the following:

    -Departures is a MUCH stronger location now. It did have some issues before, but we'll see how strong these changes are.
    -I feel the changes to Cafateria are pretty balanced for both teams
    -I like the new music in Bar
    -I like the little polish and touches they added around the map
    -Locker Room is a bit more open on one side of the room, I feel this is not swaying the balance in either direction
    -Some of the new vent locations do seem a bit leaning towards the aliens, but we'll see
    -Can I mention again how great the little improvements look and feel in game?
    -Generator is slightly rebalanced, we'll see how it goes. No more secret lerk spots :(

    I hope we play this tonight... can't wait to see how it plays with new locations and new paths! I'm really glad the devs took a look at this map again, as it was one of the maps that had some of the fastest power/hive rushes.
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    Re: Discussion: Changes to ns2_docking

    -Locker rooms seems to bit more marine sided as it removed some lockers to give aliens less cover
    -East Wing/Departures is very beautifully laid out, though all the little supports look like a haven for skulks to use as cover for approaching marines
    -Cafe looks more alien sided w/ the comm chair moved and the res node hidden behind the wall. Though the changes might be necessary for the unusual close proximity of two tech points.
    -Court Yard has no res node so I wonder if there is one less RT all together, it was a difficult place to hold in any case.
    -The added vents do help the aliens
    -I still hate back ally, though I swear one of the developers must have been drunk when designed that zig-zag passage.

    I have yet to go to gen as I was always on other sides of the map.

    Also I have always loved docking. It is my favorite map. I love the openness of it and one of the few maps that doesn't look like a dungeon.

    Anyone else notice the drink machines still don't work in Cafe? They really need to fix that.
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      Re: Discussion: Changes to ns2_docking

      While overall I like the changes to east wing, so far my experience is that now aliens spend an unnecessary amount of time there when the hive spawns at departures, which makes it easy for marines to lock down the left side of the map.

      And the courtyard node was just removed, along with the boxes shortcut to gen, which I miss as marine, even though it's only an extra 7 or 8 seconds to the trip.
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