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NS2 Community, Server, and Procedure Information

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  • [INFO] NS2 Community, Server, and Procedure Information


    Tactical Gamer is the premiere online gaming community for mature gamers of all ages. Our Natural Selection community is well known for its mature atmosphere and high quality gameplay.

    Tactical Gamer provides a great NS2 experience as teamwork is required and there is no tolerance for abusive conduct, racist, sexist or homophobic behavior.

    Whether you're new to TG, or new to Natural Selection, this document will provide links to the information you need to be a part of this community.

    Server Status

    Server Status

    Tactical Gamer Primer

    The Tactical Gamer Primer describes the philosophy that TG is based on, and which applies to all games played here. It is the foundation for all other rules and principles.

    Basic Code of Conduct

    The Basic Code of Conduct at Tactical Gamer sets the expectation for behavior on the forums and in-game.

    Contacting Administrators

    Tactical Gamer Natural Selection Admins:

    Pokerface (Game Officer)
    Wyzcrak (Acting Game Officer)

    Tactical Gamer has an active and involved administrative staff. When a problem is encountered in game, teamspeak, or the forums, there are multiple ways to contact an administrator for assistance.

    While informing visitors of our rules and principles is encouraged, at no point should players issue warnings or threats, or retaliate.

    It is always best to try and first educate players on the server, and then take things directly to an administrator if possible.

    Report issues in game directly to admins, either via steam or using in-game chat. When using in game chat, please use the in-game plugin to send a message directly to an admin. There is also a separate forum for contacting administrative staff. Registered forum-members will only be able to see threads THEY create, and will not be able to see other player's threads.

    Are you banned? Kicked? Or can't join the server?
    Sometimes these are simple misunderstandings and other times there are very important reasons people are banned from our servers. Admins at TG follow a "three strikes" policy for most rule breaches, where a player will be warned, then kicked, then banned on subsequent offenses. Serious and obvious breaches can result in an instant kick or an instant ban.

    To appeal a ban, or for any other queries, please start a thread in the Contact an Admin forum

    Joining TG and the TG tags

    Tactical Gamer is an online gaming community, not a clan, anyone is welcome to join, and there is no formal joining process. By understanding and agreeing to the principles laid out in the primer, you can be a TG member just by registering on the forum! Then please take a moment to introduce yourself, and join feel free to join the Tactical Gamer NS Waiting Room on Steam

    Wearing the [TG] tags in-game is not required, but it signifies an agreement that you have read and understand the primer and will adhere to the TG way of playing as well as the server rules and SOPs as you are now a representative of the community.

    Supporting Memberships

    One of the many ways that players can show their support for Tactical Gamer is through purchasing a Supporting Membership (SM). Supporting Members are the major component to keeping the lights on here at Tactical Gamer.

    Becoming a Supporting Member is not a requirement, nor does it make your opinion more important than others. Supporting Memberships are one way to show your appreciation for the services offered by Tactical Gamer and also come with a few perks, such as Reserved Slots on most game servers letting you connect instantly without wait. Supporting Memberships aren't designed to support exclusively TGNS, but rather TG as a whole. TGNS and its players benefit as TG leadership sees fit.

    Basic community expectations

    Tactical Gamer isn't a clan. It's a community. We're less concerned with what you can do and more concerned with who you are. Games come and go, and friendships outlast them all. Let's have fun playing Natural Selection, but let's have even more fun meeting people, learning about them, and sharing a fantastic hobby with each other within the wider context that is Tactical Gamer. Treat people well and be treated well. If we can stick to that and the few rules we have, this should be a very good run indeed.
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