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Heavy is Heavily missused.

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  • [INFO] Heavy is Heavily missused.

    Heavies can be very useful, though they have a Achilles heel like nothing else.

    1) Don't go alone having 1 welder is a good idea per heavy. Max of 2 heavies and 2 so you don't put all of your eggs in one basket.
    2) You are not a melee so don't go up to the hive next to all the stuff that provides excellent cover for aliens and hydras
    3) Step on eggs and do the egg dance, while you kill the hive.
    4) 2 Heavies can take a hive down in no time, so make sure your welders are taking are of the skulks and protecting you.
    5) Welders don't go ahead of heavies unless you need to kill that bile bombing gorge.
    6) Welders dance around the heavy as you weld him make it a harder target to hit. I just see so many welders stand there and get eaten by skulks.
    7) JP and FT is good to have as you don't need to aim much to get those pesky skulks.
    8) Don't over extend yourself. Sometimes alternating a heavy at point while the other one is topped off can be a very effective also allows you to cool your guns.
    9) Keep your distance from each other, don't make yourselves an easy target for skulks

    Other stuff will follow when I think of it, feel free to chime in.

    1) Can't go solo like an onos
    2) Slowest unit in the game
    3) All your support goes poof when the comm beacons
    4) You are weaker than the onos
    5) Can't heal at armory
    6) Can't weld structures/build
    7) Can't get in the comm station (yet an onos can fit in a hive?)

    A type of Motion Tracking
    Unlimited Ammo
    Most DPS for marines?
    Lots of Armor
    Immune to Spores
    Immune to Onos stomp
    Lights Out!

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    Re: Heavy is Heavily missused.

    Number 5, oh god number 5. Always have a gangsta with a GL to nip that one in the bud.


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      Re: Heavy is Heavily missused.

      It was fun defending server room from all those heavies, very difficult and requires a lot of teamwork, so heres some tips on defeating them:

      1. Focus down supporting marines first.
      2. Attack only if you have at least 3 lifeforms.
      3. Wait until the heavies are actually doing threatening damage to a hive, that way you will have the most lifeforms ready to respond.
      4. Lerkspike is effective.
      5. If you are a skulk and can get on top of a lone heavies head its an easy solo.
      6. As skulk, circle strafe, don't jump!
      7. Make the marines beacon.




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