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Network lag to server?

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  • Network lag to server?

    Anyone else getting bad latency starting about a week ago?

    It's not all the time, but when I started playing NS2 with TG, I was averaging 60ms most of the time.

    Lately, my latency hangs out in the 130-150ms range, but usually only when the server is more full; or perhaps more accurately, peak traffic times.

    I ran speedtests and such, but my connection doesnt' seem to have changed, and I try to ensure no other bandwith hog apps are running.

    It's not 100% but my tracert makes it look like the hosting company may have some 'splainin to do:

      6    23 ms    28 ms    27 ms []
      7    26 ms    26 ms    23 ms []
      8    52 ms    50 ms    53 ms []
      9    34 ms    32 ms    34 ms []
     10    66 ms    51 ms    54 ms []
     11   139 ms   140 ms   153 ms []
     12    83 ms    75 ms    76 ms
    Trace complete.
      6    21 ms    23 ms    26 ms []
      7    31 ms    26 ms    48 ms []
      8    58 ms    68 ms    59 ms []
      9    31 ms    32 ms    36 ms []
     10    51 ms    46 ms    55 ms []
     11   149 ms   149 ms   146 ms []
     12   131 ms   128 ms   133 ms
    Trace complete.
    I sometimes see other players on the scoreboard will spike simultaneously, but generally don't seem to seem to have prolonged issues.

    Anyone else experiencing similar?

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    Re: Network lag to server?

    Next time you play try running so you can see a graph of the traceroute and tell where the spikes/lost packets etc are happening and when.

    IIRC, I first heard about that program from Wyz years ago when there were similar issues on the TGNS 1 server and have used and recommended it ever since.
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      Re: Network lag to server?

      Nice! ya i remember this one; hadn't had a need for it in a long time. I'm running some samples now, but it's averaging at 30 ms.

      I'll try it again later tonight and we'll see how it looks.



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        Re: Network lag to server?

        Please tell me what this means:

        I guess LionLink is hosting our server, not Level3? Level3 is a big tube provider?
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          Re: Network lag to server?

          ****ing Level 3. Thank goodness for forum language filters, I guess. I typically don't need them, but.... ****ing Level 3!

          The disdain I feel just seeing that screenshot is all Level 3's fault. Level 3 years ago destroyed my gaming situation for months. Packet loss everywhere. My ISP and our game server provider tried to help at the time, but they were powerless.

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            Re: Network lag to server?

            Quick someone hold Wyz back!
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