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Shotguns and fades and tests Oh My!

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  • Shotguns and fades and tests Oh My!

    After reading a thread on the UWE forums about the new shotty (and fades I thought it would be good to do some testing, since these are a few of my favorite things. Thanks for the help Aegis!

    For the purposes of the testing, we decided to shoot a fade with the shotgun at each weapon level upgrade with and without carapace at varying ranges. All tests were performed by pointing at the fades chest, holding the fire button, and I did notice different damage numbers at times although the cross hair remained stationary.

    Point blank was achieved by walking into the fade and firing. With close range we wanted to be just out of easy reach so each of us had our back to either side of the doorway in cargo hive leading to Y junction. Medium range the fade stood under the vent you see when exiting cargo going to y junction and I stood at the inside edge of the doorway.

    The numbers below show how many shots it took to kill the fade.

    Weapon Level                Point Blank       Close              Medium
    Zero                             2                3*                   4
                     Vs Carapace     3                3                    5
    One                              2                3*                   4
                     Vs Carapace     3                3                    5
    Two                              2                2                    -
                     Vs Carapace     -                -                    -  
    Three                           2                2                    3
                    Vs Carapace     2                3*                   4

    * The close distance left the fade with a minute amount of health before the final shot kill him. We tested these at least twice each and had the same result. Lvl 0 left 11 hp after 2 shots, Lvl 1 with cara left 1 hp! I'm curious what lvl 2 would have shown but Lvl 3 left 8 hp after 2 shots.

    Unfortunately I forgot to password the server after I changed the map, which caused the auto password DAKadmin plugin to remove the password I had set, and someone joined, hopped in the CC and upgraded to weapons 3. :facepalm: We just didn't feel like doing it all again for level 2 weapons, and I didn't want to download and set up stuff for recording when my pc has trouble running the game anyway. :p

    A couple of other things I learned while we were testing is that one level 3 rifle has about 15 bullets left when a fade dies. And the fade has a surprising amount of damage variation. Depending on the distance and relation to each other (similar to varying skulk cones) it took as many as 5 FIVE! hits for a fade to kill a level 0 marine, and as few as 2.
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    Re: Shotguns and fades and tests Oh My!

    The rifle does more dps than the shotty. The shotty is best for lerks and fades. If you are faced with a lot of mid tier lifeforms, research shotty. Else the tres and pres isnt worth it. The point blank range stats can also be calculated by the pellets dmg*pellets*shots-calculated health of fade. Other than point blank there are to many variables, spread, size of target, distance, target movement, your movement and aim/lead. As i have played a fade 3 well placed shots with a shotgun means I am dead.

    I like seeing experiments like this, good work.

    By the time marines have lvl 3 the fade effectiveness is dramaticly reduced as he spends more time going back to the hive to regin hp. The lerk scales a lot better than the fade. The lerk can be played sooner, 40% cheaper, has a lot less down time, can help deny an area, faster, smaller target, does better against jps, and reduce damange to friendly targets by 50%.
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