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  • Screenshots without the hud

    Hey Guys n' Gals;

    A while back, I came across a client side script that would remove the hud, arms, guns, teeth, etc, etc take a screenshot, and replace the hud. I bookmarked the site, only to reformat a few days later. I lost the bookmark, and cant find that page. Google is of no assistance either.

    Anyone know where I can find that script, or one simmialr to it?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Screenshots without the hud

    It used to be that you could remove the hud/teeth/etc.. but that was considered exploiting so they locked the cvar that controlled that.

    I believe the command is something like r_showhud... dont know for sure because I'm not at home to test in game.

    It might be that it will still work with sv_cheats 1, you may want to give that a try.
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      Re: Screenshots without the hud

      cl_showhud 0 (hud/xhair/etc) (75% sure that's the variable)
      r_drawviewmodel 0 (teeth/gun/etc) (100% sure that's the variable)

      Those should leave you with a clear screen. They definately require sv_cheats to be turned on.

      If you are trying to do a per-screenshot snap you can sometimes pull it off with an alias like
      alias ss "cl_drawhud 0; r_drawviewmodel 0; wait; screenshot; cl_drawhud 1; r_drawviewmodel 1"
      But I have had some troubles with it (it usually clears the hud but sometimes the view model still shows up).

      There's a more complicated setup here:;f=6;t=000008
      but I don't even know if that's for half life.

      EDIT: that page uses hud_draw 0, which may be the hl1 command. I am starting to get hl1 and hl2 a little muddled up :)




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