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swiftly and politely remove unresponsive players

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  • swiftly and politely remove unresponsive players

    AFK is not "unresponsive". AFK is AFK. But, if a player is playing and moving and not responding, they need to leave. Communication is a core tenet of our server. Microphones are not required, but hearing them and reading chat -- and responding to both when appropriate -- is.

    If a player is unresponsive, I immediately TYPE to them (typically on team chat) that hearing voicecomm is required.

    "Wyzcrak, make sure you hear voicecomm, as we require that here."

    I don't ask them via chat for a response, as a chat response doesn't tell me they can hear voicecomm. I want them to show they can hear voicecomm, not merely claim to.

    So, I then speak, via voicecomm, something very casual like:

    "Hey Wyzcrak, can you hear us OK?"
    "Hey Wyzcrak, you with us?"
    "Hey Wyzcrak, can you hear voicecomm alright?"

    Most players respond, and I go out of my way to welcome them to the server. I don't mention rules at all.

    Only after I get no response to the very casual do I mention rules or the possibility that they'll be removed, with two or three attempts similar to the following, over roughly 30 seconds:

    "Wyz, let us know you're here, man, so we can keep you on the server."
    "Wyzcrak, can you hear us, man? We need to know you're with us if you're going to stay."
    "Last call for Wyzcrak." (in a tone that suggests I'm rooting for his responding and staying)

    If there's no response, I remove them. I sometimes then notify the team, so everyone knows he's gone, and so that the strangers understand the uniqueness with which we enforce that core rule of ours.

    I'm very patient with skill level. All are welcome.

    I'm not patient with communication. I treat you politely until I prove you're not responding, and then I plainly remove you.

    Temp Admins are welcome to take this posture. Be polite, don't threaten, and enforce swiftly.

    AFK is not "unresponsive". If a player is playing and moving and not responding, you needn't wait a duration similar to the AFK timer before removing that player.

    I typically go from "unresponsive discovery" to "removed from server" (or new, responsive guest... yay!) in less than one minute.
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