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wanted: HLTV -> AVI/WMV/MOV worker

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  • wanted: HLTV -> AVI/WMV/MOV worker

    We have very nice, robust, and completely underutilized HLTV demo footage of every moment of every game on our NS server. I have ideas -- simple brainstorms, at the moment -- for how to turn this footage into something which might benefit the NS community at large.

    Implementing any of these ideas requires work from someone who knows the basics of the game and can take editing direction from specific gameplay events, creating movie files from this demo footage.

    This person is a regular in our community talented with video editing (even if basically, and even if you don't have past experience) and having a working Half-Life installation. This would be work, and it would be time-consuming, so this person needs to enjoy doing this sort of thing. Creative/artistic vision isn't as important as technical competence.

    If you have PC video creation/editing experience and/or interest, and you have the kind of machine which can help you do this kind of work, please PM me so that I can talk with you.
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