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  • Primer signature syntax changed

    The syntax to sign the TGNS Primer has contained a partial URL up to this point. This was causing many posts to get flagged for moderation (reasonable, given they're first posts with URLs in them). Until a moderator approved the posts manually, the game server couldn't see the posts, and the signature wouldn't be honored. That's a bad user experience.

    The new syntax removes this partial URL:

    <readandagree>YourPlayerNameHere<withid>99999999 </readandagree>

    Existing posts with the old syntax need not be recreated. They're still recognized (in fact, new posts with the old format will also still be recognized, but the poster will risk getting caught by the spam filters).

    I've edited the first post of the TGNS Primer thread to instruct toward the new syntax. Hopefully posts will stop getting moderated.

    Of course most of you reading this have already signed the Primer, but now you know, in case you're helping someone else.
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