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Thursday night captains?

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  • Thursday night captains?

    Wife is busy on Thursdays, so that means I am free =D

    Anyone up for an organized capts games from 7 or 8pm EST to ?

    Next question, could we have an admin join and pwd the server for any 8v8 all reg capts game?
    Lights Out!

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    Re: Thursday night captains?

    Captains games just kind of happen when there's a lot of SMs on that particular night. On the NS1 server we used to have captains every Friday or Saturday night and that was pretty popular.
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      Re: Thursday night captains?

      What I really want to see, would be the play back of recorded game on the server come back.

      I very much remember various games from NS1, often captain games, being watched as a group and had things talked about. Planning, assaults, results of certain actions and so on. There was a lot to learn in those, more so in that you got to see players take certain actions that you never realized could be done.

      Good Relocations, non standard build trees and long back and forth games were what I remembered that we often watch.

      Then afterwards we pile into the server and play captain games for hours.

      But last time I looked, there is not HLTV for NS2 yet. (Although it would be NS2TV now). So that would not work just yet.
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