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TG server and linux dedicated server

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  • TG server and linux dedicated server

    So in 2 weeks with the Reinforced expansion (, we should be able to start having dedicated servers hosted on linux instead of windows. I'm not as savvy as others about this stuff, but linux is typically much better for hosting game servers I've heard? Are we able, or would it be beneficial to switch TG to a linux dedicated server? Can somebody more knowledgeable than me explain why its better beyond server hosting prices?
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    Re: TG server and linux dedicated server

    Where I work I always go with Linux where we can. Windows tends to be a bit more user friendly and a lot more standard. There are a lot of variations and flavors of Unix or Linux. Also window is a lot more bloated, linux doesn't require a GUI. It is also a bit more efficient and managing its resources and tends to be a bit more secure. Think of a highly specialized vehicle vs a Ford Focus. The specialized vehicle is Linux and you can customize it anyway you want. It can be a race car, a rock climber, or a tank. The Ford Focus is limited, though most people can drive it and it uses a popular 87 octane gas. The Ford being windows. Not to mention the OS is free, unless you want to pay for support.
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