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    That back and forth match on Veil tonight was heart pounding. There were two times where we were down to a single hive that needed to be built, yet we still came back and won. Thank god I had enough pres to go Onos again and defend those final hives. Much love to those that play that match.

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    Re: gg Veil


    Yeah, I was about ready to bash my face into my desk because I couldn't believe how the marines managed to keep rushing back and forth between each hive.
    I was worried eventually we wouldn't be able to build hives faster than they could regroup to take them down.

    On the bright side for us, the marines largely ignored Nano after we kicked them out, so I had about 150 res every time I jumped back into the hive to drop more hives.

    I also hope that network of a billion drifters helped you guys out. It was quite the task to keep them up since they kept getting killed.

    All told, I actually had some decent games tonight; probably the best I've had in the past month.


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      Re: gg Veil

      It was getting pretty clear that we were going to lose the match soon, so I went into William Wallace Mode™ and got the team organized for rushes on cargo and then sub. It was REALLY intense for about 5-10 minutes as we hit pipeline, cargo, sub, then cargo again (I think). I knew we were going to lose control tech point in the process of hitting cargo so the comm placed backup arms lab and IPS to give us some more time to carry it out. I think we must have plowed through 3 or 4 hives before we started running out of steam and realized aliens can just keep plopping down new hives easily. Guiding 7 players twice on the outskirts of nano into system waypointing and then sub was a bit harrowing while trying not to get detected. I also killed an onos (just barely) as he ran back into cargo :D

      Had a lot of really GGs tonight. There was another match on veil tonight that I commanded and we got jetpacks fairly early and JP rushed sub through overlook. After that was dead I beaconed everybody out to reload and phase to nanogrid and finish off cargo to win the game. I think it took aliens by surprise because they were owning us in most of the skirmishes, but didn't hit our nodes as much and were surprised how explosive we came back. That jetpack rush reminded me a LOT of NS1 commanding, which was a bit of fun nostalgia.
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