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  • [INFO] Scoreboard Letters

    TGNS shows letters on the scoreboard next to player names.

    P = "PrimerOnly": Players who've read our required reading and explicitly agreed to our rules by signing the "TGNS Primer" thread in our forums. "Primer signers" can join the full server when it's mostly filled with strangers. They're also less vulnerable (than strangers) to reserved slots. Via our Guardians program, they're eligible for some admin rights when no full admin is present.

    A= "Admin": Players called on to enforce the rules on the server. Full admins will always have an "A" next to their name, while others are TGNS Primer signers who have opted-in to our Guardians program to selflessly enforce rules they've agreed to when full admins are not available.

    ! = "AFK": Players who seem to be AFK.
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