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    BeigeAlert is learning to map, and I've added ns2_hotdogs to the server per his request. It's not in the rotation, and it's not voteable, and no one should change to it w/o consent of everyone on the server.

    It's very much unfinished. Try to give helpful feedback, and please be civil when asserting your desire to play finished maps during your time on the server, should you so choose.
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    Re: ns2_hotdogs (BeigeAlert)

    Thanks Wyz!

    Like he said, the map is VERY unfinished... BUT playable. The way the process of mapping works is you first do greyboxing, which is just making the level as quickly as possible with little to no details, just to get the layout nailed down. Then, before you even think about starting to detail the map, you have to playtest it a bunch to ensure the map is balanced, and of course fun to play! If any problems come up, it's no big deal to simply fix them and get back to testing, but if I had spent days and weeks on detailing an area, it would be terrible to have to throw it out because an area just isn't working right.

    I would love to play test it with you guys, and I'll try to as much as I can. However, if you feel so compelled to play it when I'm not on... Go for it! :) Just be sure to post here any comments and criticism IN DETAIL so I can address the issues and update the map accordingly. For instance, I'm pretty sure I'll end up having to put a hallway from outside Freezer to Meat Chutes, because right now there's only two ways to get there, and it's a bit of a trek... but I don't know for sure because I've never actually played a game on this map yet!

    Also, completely agree with what Wyz said above: double-check to make sure EVERYBODY is okay with playing an unfinished map, or we'll probably get lots of hate for it... though I can imagine a few will join just to see what the heck "ns2_hotdogs" is! :)

    Thank you, and enjoy!

    EDIT: Just something interesting to look at, here's what BIODOME looked like during testing... and remember, this was being tested BEFORE Gorgeous even came out! (he pulls up the map at 1:45) Compare that with what it is now, completely different!




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