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  • [INFO] Captains Games

    Started during our NS1 days, Captains Games are a time-honored tradition on TGNS. They happen often, typically when the server is dominated by regulars, and many will tell you that some of the best games they've ever had here were Captains Games.

    If you've played a PUG/pickup game elsewhere, that's basically what a Captains Game feels like. We have a server mod which helps form our Captains Games quickly and easily.

    Two Captains volunteer to lead the teams for two rounds of play. Teams are quickly formed by the Captains choosing teammates "dodgeball-style", knowledgeably balancing the skill evenly across both teams. The rounds do not start until the Captains declare both teams ready, typically after relatively thorough planning for the round ahead.

    After the first round completes, everyone switches teams and plays the second round.

    When both rounds are complete, the Captains Game is over. The server will advance automatically to the next map, where normal play -- or another Captains Game, if players wish -- may commence.

    To tell the server you want to play Captains, hit "M > Captains > sh_iwantcaptains". If you want to lead your team, choose "M > Captains > sh_iwillcaptain". When the server sees that 82% of present players want to play Captains (two of whom have volunteered to be Captains), it will immediately switch the server to "Captains Mode", abandoning the game currently in progress.

    Reserved slots are disabled during Captains Games, in an effort to further protect team cohesion.

    If you have a great Captains Game, come back to the forums and tell us all about it! :)
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