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TGNS Reserved Slots Logic

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  • [INFO] TGNS Reserved Slots Logic

    If you're looking to get a reserved slot, we expect that you've first read our Required Reading (this is not a trivial amount of reading, and we're OK with expecting reserved slot holders to have read it), which gives answers to LOTS of common questions and, more importantly, lays out the tenets and rules all players are expected to themselves understand. If you have any questions about anything, please give us an opportunity to answer them by creating a thread in our Contact an Admin forum. Thank you.


    TGNS aims to maintain a healthy mix of Strangers, PrimerOnlys, and Supporting Members on the server all the time. Teams are full at 8v8 (16 players). Friends of the server are bundled by our reserved slots logic into three logical categories:

    Strangers: a player new to our servers. Hasn't yet signed our TGNS Primer (or has, but hasn't yet played 10 games on our servers)
    PrimerOnly: a player who's signed the TGNS Primer (explicitly agrees to, respects, and exemplifies our rules and tenets), and has played at least 10 games on our servers, but doesn't help pay the bills
    Supporting Member: a player who helps pay the bills

    The two longest-connected[1] Strangers are always safe from reserved slots. Similarly, the two longest-connected[1] PrimerOnlys are always safe from reserved slots. After considering these players safe (seed the server when it's empty so that you can BE one of these players ALL NIGHT LONG), the logic below chooses the otherwise-longest-connected player as the reserved slots victim when someone tries to join the full server. If no victim is found, the joining player is denied entry to the full server.


    Strangers: can bump no one to join the full server
    PrimerOnly: can bump Strangers until only two Strangers are left
    Supporting Member: can bump Strangers and PrimerOnly until only two of each are left (logic prefers to bump Strangers)


    Strangers: can be bumped by PrimerOnly or Supporting Member; no one is able to bump the last two Strangers on the server[2]
    PrimerOnly: can be bumped only by Supporting Member; no Supporting Member is able to bump the last two PrimerOnlys on the server
    Supporting Member: cannot be bumped by anyone

    During a Captains Game, no one may bump or be bumped -- reserved slots are completely disabled.

    During all games, Commanders are immune from reserved slots.

    Using sh_fullspec, you may join the server when it's full if the full server has room for spectators.

    [1] if you disconnect/crash/etc and reconnect within a few minutes, the server will use your pre-disconnect connection time when calculating your total connected time, which /is/ persisted across mapchanges and between servers (yes, your first connection time is remembered as you move from server to server, as long as you're never off TGNS for more than a few minutes)

    [2] this "last two Strangers" protection is afforded only to Strangers with fewer than 10 games on the server, after which point they're expected to sign the TGNS Primer or play with no slots protection whatsoever. Any regular with at least 10 games and having signed the TGNS Primer is eligible for the "last two Primer signers" slots protection.
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